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to his every desire poss cover gimpTo repeat a paragraph from my blogpost on ‘To His Every Whim’ ( The uninitiated woman, swept off her feet by the modern-day equivalent of a brave knight: a highly influential, confident and slightly arrogant company executive, who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. And if this particular man happens to have stacks of cash at his disposal, with the accompanying power to change the life of any woman, then so much the better. All that’s needed then is a penchant for punishing sex, bondage and some of my other favorite facets of BDSM!

After the good reception and sales I was very happy to receive with ‘To His Every Whim…’, I decided to further the series, and tell you all more about Treasure Gaines’s initiation into submissive sex with a billionaire businessman, Vincent Fox. Actually, Vincent Fox isn’t strictly a billionaire! But money still is no object to him, and Treasure’s life has changed dramatically.

In ‘To His Every Desire’, we see how Treasure assumes a more intimate role to Mr. Fox, as he takes her home to his lavish mansion. But what kind of man will he prove himself to be? Does he really want to dedicate himself to Treasure? With collaring, outfit play and their first night spent in his house, it seems that she’s getting closer to his heart… but can he really be melted?

Well! It’s all happening for those two, isn’t it? 🙂

Have a look:



Clocking in at just short of 13,000 words, I do hope you have a blast with this one. A lovely review on it, or indeed any of my other works, would be utterly fantastic! I’d love to hear from my readers, always.

And the show will have to go on from here 😉

Keep those e-readers smokin’!

– V xxx