Gabby’s First Milking (Romantic Lactation Erotica) + Coupon

possible gabby cover gimpJuicy…

After a topsy-turvy week, I’ve finally been able to come out with my first erotica work of April. And it just happens to be one that I’m quite fond of – a lactation secret between two adoring lovers, exposed for the first time. The story begins with Gabby covertly trying to ride out her monthly bout of lactation, when her breasts begin to produce a large amount of milk. It’s a pleasurable but slightly shameful experience for her, and therefore she takes great pains to keep it all a secret from her boyfriend, Nicolas.

She gets too much into it on this occasion, however, and doesn’t hear him amble up the stairs and burst into the room. Shocked, they both look at each other in awkward disbelief, until finally, it’s time for Nicolas to act. And, in doing so, he strives to do what he was always able to do for her – give her the immense satisfaction she needed and deserved…

Phwoar! Now that’s hot! Isn’t it? It certainly done a number on me a few times when I was writing it. You know, sometimes I think that’s the biggest problem hampering my productivity… I just can’t help if I’m a sensual woman, can I?

Why not take a look at it here and join me in my own gratification?



Barnes & Noble, Kobo and possibly others to follow.

Fancy it for free? You saucy devil, I knew you might. Take a look at Smashwords then, and put this fella in: NA34A. This one’s good until April 10!

And now, it’s back to work – the ideas ain’t drying up anytime soon!

– V xxx


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