Reluctant Sex Slave Lani Un

reluctant lani poss cover gimp 3

As is my wont, I’m doing things backwards once again. You may have already checked out one of my most recent works, Reluctant Sex Slave Lani 2, or at least read my blog update about it (available here Now, why don’t we take a look at the first one?

It’s a premise that excited and compelled me from the start: Lani is the most innocent college girl, the nicest girl you could ever hope to meet. That is, until she gets snatched by Dom, a sex master of the Dominion Manor. As the story unfolds, we see how the demure Lani finds herself having to learn very quickly how to please the sadistic Queen Isabella. For the sex-hungry, cruel queen, Lani’s defloration could be just what she’s been waiting for…

You can get acquainted with Lani’s first sexual adventures at these sites:




Barnes and Noble


How sizzling, how sadistic, how sexy! The two parts of the series so far has really become popular, something which brings me great joy. More to the point, it only serves to spur me on towards a raunchy, thrilling third part. Available when? You’ll just have to sit and wait, as much as it pains me to say!

Until then, I’ll be back to my usual output of erotica very soon, following a hectic previous week. Until then, keep those e-readers smokin’!



…What’s that? You want a look at the first part of the Sex Slave Lani series? Well… I suppose it is my fault for teasing you so much. Have yourself a sneaky Smashwords coupon and indulge in it for free – good until April 8th! The coupon code is US78Q. Do have fun with it 😉

– V xxx


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