Fucked on the Mats (Defloration of a Curious Female) + Coupon

fucked on the mats GIMP


If there’s one thing I love to write about, it’s about how a woman feels as she finally has her cherry popped – and not just by any man, but by an Adonis she has been craving for quite some time. What a rush! That’s why ‘Fucked on the Mats (Defloration of a Curious Female)’ is one of my favorite works thus far.

It centers around two ju-jitsu students: the immensely masculine Evan, and how he manages to tempt the demure Faith out of her shell. It’s been one of my most well-received works, I’m happy to say. It’s short, but quite sweet and intensely sizzling 😉

Available at Amazon here… http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BPXU8ZS

And Smashwords here! https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/292630

What’s that? You don’t fancy paying the $2.99 price for it?

Oh, alright then. Have a Smashwords coupon on me 😉 usable until March 30th! The coupon code is UL78W. Get it while it’s hot.

And keep those e-readers smokin’!

– V xxx


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