New Release: Anything For You, Sir… (Secretary/Boss Erotic Asphyxiation)

Is there anything sweeter than a heavily anticipated release? 😉

anything for you 2 gimpAbsolutely Anything…

It’s time for my latest work, ‘Anything For You, Sir… (Secretary/Boss Erotic Asphyxiation)’! This is a work I’m particularly proud of. It follows the sizzling sexual travails of rich company bighitter Logan and her demure secretary Suzi, who finally stands up for herself and takes control… I fell in love with just the idea, and still feel warm all over just thinking about their sexperience once more… I love it!

(Psst… a fun little fact: Logan is the name of another man in a story of mine, entitled ‘In the Stocks… (M/M Dominant-Subordinate Bondage Erotica)’. There’s no relation between the characters – it’s just a name I happen to love, a name that has significance for me. Don’t you agree that it’s a wonderful name? 🙂

Anyway, you can check out ‘Anything For You, Sir…’ here at the following two places:



And now… you will have to excuse me 😉

– V xxx


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