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For somebody who claims to love writing, and who claims to be “always thinking about how the next story is panning out”, I sure do like to spend as much time as I can get away with trying not to write. What is it about junk TV shows, constant updating and refreshing of social networking websites and even trawling of news websites that seems so compelling in comparison to what I love to do best?

It’s a mystery to me – a bigger mystery still is how many hours I’ve lost to mindless wanderings, aimless ramblings and other absent-minded periods of simply staring off into space, blissfully free from even the most basic thought.

I daresay I’ve lost enough hours to procrastination to see my 2 beloved huskies grow from pups to maturity:

husky 1

Will you join me? D’awwwww!

I was able to get away with a lot more procrastination when they were younger, even if more of my time was spent looking after them from their infancy. These days, however…

husky 2

Say hello to Blazer and Finn! Their stern looks are what I usually get nowadays when I slack off.

But those two buggers aren’t entirely blameless either, even when they’re not around – sometimes, when I find myself really procrastinating and slacking off badly, I’ll flip the Internet switch on my laptop (I assume every laptop has this magical Internet-denying switch, forgive me if  not!) and go without the Internet for a while.

And then what happens?

I go into my ‘Puppies!’ folder and look at the hundreds of pictures I have of those two guys. I just can’t win, can I?

How do you guys procrastinate? And do you have any tips on how to instil me with more discipline, bearing in mind that I don’t even have the self-discipline to use Pomodoro or any similar techniques? Because I think I’m desperate by now!

Take it handy,

– V xxx


fucked on the mats GIMP


If there’s one thing I love to write about, it’s about how a woman feels as she finally has her cherry popped – and not just by any man, but by an Adonis she has been craving for quite some time. What a rush! That’s why ‘Fucked on the Mats (Defloration of a Curious Female)’ is one of my favorite works thus far.

It centers around two ju-jitsu students: the immensely masculine Evan, and how he manages to tempt the demure Faith out of her shell. It’s been one of my most well-received works, I’m happy to say. It’s short, but quite sweet and intensely sizzling 😉

Available at Amazon here…

And Smashwords here!

What’s that? You don’t fancy paying the $2.99 price for it?

Oh, alright then. Have a Smashwords coupon on me 😉 usable until March 30th! The coupon code is UL78W. Get it while it’s hot.

And keep those e-readers smokin’!

– V xxx

Is there anything sweeter than a heavily anticipated release? 😉

anything for you 2 gimpAbsolutely Anything…

It’s time for my latest work, ‘Anything For You, Sir… (Secretary/Boss Erotic Asphyxiation)’! This is a work I’m particularly proud of. It follows the sizzling sexual travails of rich company bighitter Logan and her demure secretary Suzi, who finally stands up for herself and takes control… I fell in love with just the idea, and still feel warm all over just thinking about their sexperience once more… I love it!

(Psst… a fun little fact: Logan is the name of another man in a story of mine, entitled ‘In the Stocks… (M/M Dominant-Subordinate Bondage Erotica)’. There’s no relation between the characters – it’s just a name I happen to love, a name that has significance for me. Don’t you agree that it’s a wonderful name? 🙂

Anyway, you can check out ‘Anything For You, Sir…’ here at the following two places:



And now… you will have to excuse me 😉

– V xxx



True to form, I thought I’d start completely backwards, and give you all a little background on my most recent published work, entitled Reluctant Sex Slave Lani 2 (Sado-Masochistic Shock Therapy Session)! Known as ‘Sex Slave Lani 2’ on Amazon, this 7,300 word erotica short is one of my most favorite works yet: it follows the travails of Lani, newest sex slave of the Dominion Manor, as she is brought to meet her new sex master, the hulking Hugo… how will she cope with this man, whose innate cruelty and sadism are like nothing she’s ever had to deal with? Take a look, and see how Lani deals!

Available with previews at:


And Smashwords:

Take a look and indulge in the sizzling antics of Lani and her sex master.  And remember – keep those e-readers smokin’!

Ciao for now,

– V xxx

Hello, and welcome to the first post of my blog! Thank you very much for visiting and reading.

An introduction is in order. My name is Velvet Gates, and I am a newly established erotica author residing in Ireland. Among my interests are my two pet huskies, and my even huskier husband. I am passionate about erotica and erotic romance, and was delighted to be able to begin writing it.

My works are published primarily on Amazon (available through its Kindle service) and Smashwords. Links to my pages can be found here! How exciting!



Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you will take an interest in my works and future blog posts.

Ciao for now,

– V xxx