to his every desire poss cover gimpTo repeat a paragraph from my blogpost on ‘To His Every Whim’ ( The uninitiated woman, swept off her feet by the modern-day equivalent of a brave knight: a highly influential, confident and slightly arrogant company executive, who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. And if this particular man happens to have stacks of cash at his disposal, with the accompanying power to change the life of any woman, then so much the better. All that’s needed then is a penchant for punishing sex, bondage and some of my other favorite facets of BDSM!

After the good reception and sales I was very happy to receive with ‘To His Every Whim…’, I decided to further the series, and tell you all more about Treasure Gaines’s initiation into submissive sex with a billionaire businessman, Vincent Fox. Actually, Vincent Fox isn’t strictly a billionaire! But money still is no object to him, and Treasure’s life has changed dramatically.

In ‘To His Every Desire’, we see how Treasure assumes a more intimate role to Mr. Fox, as he takes her home to his lavish mansion. But what kind of man will he prove himself to be? Does he really want to dedicate himself to Treasure? With collaring, outfit play and their first night spent in his house, it seems that she’s getting closer to his heart… but can he really be melted?

Well! It’s all happening for those two, isn’t it? 🙂

Have a look:



Clocking in at just short of 13,000 words, I do hope you have a blast with this one. A lovely review on it, or indeed any of my other works, would be utterly fantastic! I’d love to hear from my readers, always.

And the show will have to go on from here 😉

Keep those e-readers smokin’!

– V xxx


to his every whim revised

Ooof! ‘Ripped’ hardly seems appropriate

The uninitiated woman, swept off her feet by the modern-day equivalent of a brave knight: a highly influential, confident and slightly arrogant company executive, who knows what he wants and knows how to get it. And if this particular man happens to have stacks of cash at his disposal, with the accompanying power to change the life of any woman, then so much the better. All that’s needed then is a penchant for punishing sex, bondage and some of my other favorite facets of BDSM!

It’s a scenario that just seems to provide infinite amounts of sordid and sizzling excitement. If the Fifty Shades trilogy is the deserved ur-example of this sub-genre, then works like ‘The Billionaire’s Beck and Call’ by the excellent Delilah Fawkes is surely not far behind. I was eager to throw my hat into the Billionaire BDSM ring, something that was new to me even following the immense popularity of Fifty Shades.

My first foray into the arena of the dominant Billionaire with his submissive initiate came with ‘To His Every Whim’, the first of what I hope will be a successful series for me. It follows the turnaround in fortunes of the beautiful yet slightly mousy Treasure Gaines, who is unemployed and desperately seeks even an internship. A trip down to the central business district sees her pop into megacorp Wilton Fox, where she is all but laughed out. But one chance meeting with company co-owner Vincent Fox changes things drastically. Soon, Treasure’s worries and fears are replaced by excited speculations: why does this man keep a king-sized bed in his office? How much will he enjoy making her submit to his painful dominance? And just how will she grow accustomed to the new, luxurious life that he can afford her?

Oh my. What a fantasy. One we can all envisage ourselves getting the most out of, right girls? 😉

Take a looksie here!






I do hope the cover has been updated for all viewers on all shopfronts. It certainly needed an updated one! But I’ll leave book cover discussion until another day. Until then, have fun with this one. And if you’ve read To His Every Whim before, a nice review would be ever so sweet!

And a sequel? A little delayed, but it’s so close now, you can smell it 😉

Until then, keep those e-readers smokin’!

– V xxx

possible gabby cover gimpJuicy…

After a topsy-turvy week, I’ve finally been able to come out with my first erotica work of April. And it just happens to be one that I’m quite fond of – a lactation secret between two adoring lovers, exposed for the first time. The story begins with Gabby covertly trying to ride out her monthly bout of lactation, when her breasts begin to produce a large amount of milk. It’s a pleasurable but slightly shameful experience for her, and therefore she takes great pains to keep it all a secret from her boyfriend, Nicolas.

She gets too much into it on this occasion, however, and doesn’t hear him amble up the stairs and burst into the room. Shocked, they both look at each other in awkward disbelief, until finally, it’s time for Nicolas to act. And, in doing so, he strives to do what he was always able to do for her – give her the immense satisfaction she needed and deserved…

Phwoar! Now that’s hot! Isn’t it? It certainly done a number on me a few times when I was writing it. You know, sometimes I think that’s the biggest problem hampering my productivity… I just can’t help if I’m a sensual woman, can I?

Why not take a look at it here and join me in my own gratification?



Barnes & Noble, Kobo and possibly others to follow.

Fancy it for free? You saucy devil, I knew you might. Take a look at Smashwords then, and put this fella in: NA34A. This one’s good until April 10!

And now, it’s back to work – the ideas ain’t drying up anytime soon!

– V xxx

reluctant lani poss cover gimp 3

As is my wont, I’m doing things backwards once again. You may have already checked out one of my most recent works, Reluctant Sex Slave Lani 2, or at least read my blog update about it (available here Now, why don’t we take a look at the first one?

It’s a premise that excited and compelled me from the start: Lani is the most innocent college girl, the nicest girl you could ever hope to meet. That is, until she gets snatched by Dom, a sex master of the Dominion Manor. As the story unfolds, we see how the demure Lani finds herself having to learn very quickly how to please the sadistic Queen Isabella. For the sex-hungry, cruel queen, Lani’s defloration could be just what she’s been waiting for…

You can get acquainted with Lani’s first sexual adventures at these sites:




Barnes and Noble


How sizzling, how sadistic, how sexy! The two parts of the series so far has really become popular, something which brings me great joy. More to the point, it only serves to spur me on towards a raunchy, thrilling third part. Available when? You’ll just have to sit and wait, as much as it pains me to say!

Until then, I’ll be back to my usual output of erotica very soon, following a hectic previous week. Until then, keep those e-readers smokin’!



…What’s that? You want a look at the first part of the Sex Slave Lani series? Well… I suppose it is my fault for teasing you so much. Have yourself a sneaky Smashwords coupon and indulge in it for free – good until April 8th! The coupon code is US78Q. Do have fun with it 😉

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For somebody who claims to love writing, and who claims to be “always thinking about how the next story is panning out”, I sure do like to spend as much time as I can get away with trying not to write. What is it about junk TV shows, constant updating and refreshing of social networking websites and even trawling of news websites that seems so compelling in comparison to what I love to do best?

It’s a mystery to me – a bigger mystery still is how many hours I’ve lost to mindless wanderings, aimless ramblings and other absent-minded periods of simply staring off into space, blissfully free from even the most basic thought.

I daresay I’ve lost enough hours to procrastination to see my 2 beloved huskies grow from pups to maturity:

husky 1

Will you join me? D’awwwww!

I was able to get away with a lot more procrastination when they were younger, even if more of my time was spent looking after them from their infancy. These days, however…

husky 2

Say hello to Blazer and Finn! Their stern looks are what I usually get nowadays when I slack off.

But those two buggers aren’t entirely blameless either, even when they’re not around – sometimes, when I find myself really procrastinating and slacking off badly, I’ll flip the Internet switch on my laptop (I assume every laptop has this magical Internet-denying switch, forgive me if  not!) and go without the Internet for a while.

And then what happens?

I go into my ‘Puppies!’ folder and look at the hundreds of pictures I have of those two guys. I just can’t win, can I?

How do you guys procrastinate? And do you have any tips on how to instil me with more discipline, bearing in mind that I don’t even have the self-discipline to use Pomodoro or any similar techniques? Because I think I’m desperate by now!

Take it handy,

– V xxx

fucked on the mats GIMP


If there’s one thing I love to write about, it’s about how a woman feels as she finally has her cherry popped – and not just by any man, but by an Adonis she has been craving for quite some time. What a rush! That’s why ‘Fucked on the Mats (Defloration of a Curious Female)’ is one of my favorite works thus far.

It centers around two ju-jitsu students: the immensely masculine Evan, and how he manages to tempt the demure Faith out of her shell. It’s been one of my most well-received works, I’m happy to say. It’s short, but quite sweet and intensely sizzling 😉

Available at Amazon here…

And Smashwords here!

What’s that? You don’t fancy paying the $2.99 price for it?

Oh, alright then. Have a Smashwords coupon on me 😉 usable until March 30th! The coupon code is UL78W. Get it while it’s hot.

And keep those e-readers smokin’!

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Is there anything sweeter than a heavily anticipated release? 😉

anything for you 2 gimpAbsolutely Anything…

It’s time for my latest work, ‘Anything For You, Sir… (Secretary/Boss Erotic Asphyxiation)’! This is a work I’m particularly proud of. It follows the sizzling sexual travails of rich company bighitter Logan and her demure secretary Suzi, who finally stands up for herself and takes control… I fell in love with just the idea, and still feel warm all over just thinking about their sexperience once more… I love it!

(Psst… a fun little fact: Logan is the name of another man in a story of mine, entitled ‘In the Stocks… (M/M Dominant-Subordinate Bondage Erotica)’. There’s no relation between the characters – it’s just a name I happen to love, a name that has significance for me. Don’t you agree that it’s a wonderful name? 🙂

Anyway, you can check out ‘Anything For You, Sir…’ here at the following two places:



And now… you will have to excuse me 😉

– V xxx